CP Admissions

The goal of Premergency's Community Paramedic Training Program is to prepare the paramedic to utilize their traditional skill set while practicing in a non-traditional environment, therefore:

  • All participants must be graduates of a recognized Paramedic Program.
  • Participants must perform the duties of their role physically and mentally as a Community Paramedic, according to their required scope of practice and their role within public safety and health in their community.

The program uses evidence-based adult educational principles to assist the paramedic in developing critical thinking skills, including critical reflection and critical self-reflection, appreciating current research, incorporating it into their practice, and promoting further research. Therefore, all participants must successfully complete all Program Modules and Summative Evaluations to receive a Completion Certificate.

Clinical Placements may be required and are at the discretion of the host paramedic service.

Class Size

As Premergency's Community Paramedic Training Program is predominately online, the class size is unlimited.

  • Each cohort is limited to 5-10 participants

  • Clinical placements are at the discretion of the host paramedic service and are limited only by preceptors' availability.

Student Support

Student progress is monitored by the course facilitators on an ongoing basis. Facilitators are directly involved in course activities through participating in discussions, asking probing questions, redirecting conversations, and providing encouragement.

Premergency's Community Paramedic Training Program is primarily geared towards industry partners and their employees. If required, all academic support is conducted in cooperation with the host paramedic service representative and may include tutoring or other accommodations.

Participants who may not be sponsored by a host paramedic service can receive academic support addressing social, financial, and personal needs through dialogue with the facilitator of the program and the principles of Premergency Inc.

Confidentiality about counselling and support will be maintained in all circumstances.

Student Representation

All course participants are asked to complete an anonymous course evaluation survey upon completion of the course. The information gathered from the survey is used to continually improve and update our approach to the program's mission, design and management of the program, and any other relevant matters to the student.

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