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Premergency's Community Paramedic Training Program

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Active Learning for Long-Term Care Strategies

Premergency’s Community Paramedic training program is designed to empower paramedics across the country to support their communities through long-term care initiatives and provide additional value to the well-being of Canadians.

Community Paramedic Practitioner is an asynchronous online course facilitated by qualified instructors that leverage Problem-based Learning (PBL) to enhance the critical reflection and critical self-reflection skills of the participants.

Our main goal is to prepare paramedics with the knowledge and skills required to apply their scope of practice within their community.

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Community Paramedicine & PBL

Problem-based Learning is an approach that allows active learning and the development of different skills towards the solution of a problem. It is designed to foster critical reflection and critical self-reflection leveraging real-life scenarios and group dialogue.

PBL aims to promote deeper understanding and critical thinking skills, and prepares the paramedic for an independent collaborative evidence-based practice.

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